FIFA 10 for Android is fun but may be relegated for performance [Video App Reviews]

July 5, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android users have long waited for FIFA 10 to arrive on their devices, so it’s fitting that EA Sports delivered this $6.99 game while the world is watching the World Cup. They may not be excited for too long, sadly.

There are several game modes in FIFA 10 that utilize EA’s club and player licenses. However, that doesn’t mean much on a mobile phone. With the limited screen size and boxy graphics, there’s really no discernible difference between Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder other than the names that pop-up on-screen when the player controls the ball. No one should expect console-level graphics on their phone, but it’s still disappointing to see these players running over grass with stuttered motion. The graphics don’t bother me much, but the random blips and slowed movements of players are hard to ignore.

FIFA is not a total loss, however. Despite its difficulty, the game can be fun once you figure out the controls and fight for scoring opportunities. Fighting for goals can be exciting and penalty shootouts are as fun and drama-packed in the game as they are in real-life. Overall, I’d say FIFA 10 is worth buying if only for testing purposes. The inclusion of Career mode and Multiplayer could potentially create some fun, but people obsessed with clarity and high-level graphics may be disappointed. Considering Android’s 24-hour refund policy, I say it’s at least worth getting in the game.


  • Game modes: Manager, Tournament, Be A Pro, Training, Penalty, Friendly
  • Multiplayer to join or host match, penalty shootout, and Be A Pro career mode
  • My FIFA 10 rewards and profiles
  • Includes crowd noise but this is a vuvuzela-free game
  • Several camera modes from which to choose


  • Graphics can be disappointing and gameplay may be slow
  • Controls take getting used to, especially when defending
  • Commentary audio levels fluctuate

App: EA Sports FIFA 10
Price: $6.99

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