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Android sucks, so The Onion News Network developed an Android app

July 13, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google Android is a terrible platform, so The Onion has released an app for it. When asked why someone would waste so much time, money, and effort on something that’s clearly an inferior mobile operating system, Onion News Chief Crappy App Correspondent Jonathan Saht said, “We follow governments and major corporations so much, we felt it was time we start acting like one.”

That first paragraph was my poor attempt at a humorous Onion post, but we can leave that to the professionals. The Onion News Network is now on Android delivering its familiar brand of video comedy and satire. Everything from the Onion Sports Network to Tech Trends and O-Span are included. Viewers can sort their comedy by show, segment, or searching the archives.

Not surprisingly, video performs best on Wi-Fi. The ONN delivers lots of funny comedy, so download for all Android versions for a few laughs.

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