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Android smartphones arriving early: Motorola Droid X by mail & Samsung Intercept and White HTC EVO 4G at Best Buy

July 7, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Normally when we see an early release, or more accurately an early sale, its for one handset at a time. Well, as of now it looks like at least one Samsung Intercept, white HTC EVO 4G and Motorola Droid X have made their way into the hands of the public.

First up is the Samsung Intercept, more specifically the SPH-M910 which is a (feeling generous) mid range handset that is selling for $100 at Best Buy Mobile. The interesting part here is that it seems neither the person who bought the phone or the person who sold the phone realized it was a week ahead of the July 11th launch.

Next up, the white HTC EVO 4G. Again, this one is expected to arrive on July 11th, but unlike the one off report with the Intercept it seems that Best Buy is not being shy about the EVO. According to reports this one has been put out on shelves and is being handed out to those who pre-ordered.

Lastly, we have the Droid X, and the one that I am most excited about personally. Again, this one is ending up in the hands of those who pre-ordered. But instead of in-store delivery its coming by mail. This one is a little more puzzling though. The shipments are coming from Verizon but the reasoning is unclear. Some are speculating that these are the individuals who switched from an HTC Incredible order and some are saying that Verizon dropped these early on purpose as part of a scavenger hunt/viral promotion type of thing. Either way, some lucky people are using a very nice looking Android smartphone way before the July 15th release.

What I say to all these lucky folks, enjoy your 15 seconds of internet fame and share the images and video you take. That and, I am jealous that you got an early release and I did not.