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Vlingo controls Android with voice commands. We’ve got 20 free copies! [CONTESTS]

June 24, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Voice command and voice input for Android are great features, but they aren’t always available everywhere. Vlingo is an Android 2.0+ app that adds deeper voice control options for the phone, and frees you from becoming the idiot driving down the highway while looking down at your phone in an attempt to text someone.

Vlingo includes a widget that quickly launches the app and then awaits command. To send a text, simply say “Text Katie that I have to move dinner up to 6 PM since movie starts at 9. Is that okay?” Vlingo will then send the message to Katie.

The same can be done when you need to send someone an e-mail, search the web, dial contacts, update Twitter, open an application, or find locations in Google Maps. Keeping the hands-free theme going, Vlingo also includes SafeReader, a feature that lets users hear incoming text & email messages while you drive (or sit at your desk).

Vlingo costs $9.99 in the Android Market but we have 20 copies to giveaway for free. Here’s the simple way to snag one:

  1. Go to the Androinica Facebook page and become a fan.
  2. Write something on our wall – words of encouragement, suggestions for the site, etc. – and end the message with #vlingo.
  3. We will then select 20 people at random and contact winners on Thursday, July 1, 2010. Current fans are also eligible.

All entries must come from someone with Android 2.0 or higher (Droid, Desire, EVO, Nexus One, etc.) because Vlingo is not compatible with previous Android versions.

Anyone who joins the group but does not leave a comment with the words #vlingo will not be entered.

Good luck, everyone.

Scan barcode to download Vlingo from the Android Market