Vignette makes every Android owner an artistic photographer [App Reviews]

June 29, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Filters and effects have made for countless classic photographs. Few people expect to produce classic photos from their cell phone pictures, but you’d be surprised what you can create with a decent camera and a £2.99 application.

Vignette is an Android camera app that can apply one of 62 effects or 21 frames that make your images pop. The effects range from converting images to high-saturation, soft lighting portraits, Toy Camera, black and white, vintage, and many other filters. Vignette even allows users to combine certain settings in “Custom” mode to produce the desired effect. If someone isn’t pleased with the outcome, they can delete the image or choose to apply different effects and then save the image. (You can also take normal photos and “Import” them later to apply effects).

No one using Vignette is going to snap photos that will sit on museum walls next to Gordon Parks. However, users will have plenty of options for capturing images that can be emotive and memorable. The stronger your default camera, the more effective this app will be at enhancing images. Grab Vignette and you’ll have a fun way to practice your amateur photography and spruce up your camera phone.


  • Dozens of photo effects and filters applied to camera snapshots or imported photos
  • Classic filters/effects like Toy Cam, Light Leaks, Vignette, Posterize, and more
  • Set white-balance, self-timer, flash, crop, and frame settings
  • Supports maximum photo resolution on your device and higher-quality JPG’s
  • Geotag photos to add location data to each snapshot


  • Larger images (3.1 megapixels or higher) can take long to render even on 1GHz phones
  • 10x Zoom can be a little cloudy (like most digital zoom)

App: Vignette

Price: UK£2.99


Test shots showing original photos on left and random effect on right. Please don’t ask me how to do certain things because I don’t remember most of it. Play around with the settings and I’m sure you’ll discover it. Click on image to expand.

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