Sprint says Froyo will NOT come to Hero or Moment

June 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


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Hey, HTC Hero and Samsung Moment users, are you enjoying Android 2.1? I hope so, because it’s probably the last non-maintenance update you’re going to get.

As a Sprint employee announced on its community website that Froyo would be “coming soon” to the EVO, customers immediately asked if the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment would also get an update soon. The response was short but agonizing:

No, it will not. 2.2 will not be available for HTC Hero or Samsung Moment. – JGatSprint, Sprint employee

So, there it is, Sprint customers. You can stop worrying about Froyo because according your carrier, you aren’t going to get it. “But my phone is less than a year old!” you scream? True, but that doesn’t matter. Carriers and manufacturers update phones at will and aren’t required to keep refreshing the product. It would be wise of them not to leave customers behind, but Sprint and HTC feel confident enough you’ll either stay on Éclair and deal with it or upgrade to a device scheduled to be updated beyond it. Someone should tell them there’s a good chance people will take the third option and avoid both companies in frustration.

I could probably understand the Hero not getting 2.1 because there may be some hardware limitations preventing it (doubtful, but possible), but the Moment being cast aside even with that 800 MHz processor is a little more perplexing.

What’s the deal, Sprint?

[Thanks, Mortem!]