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Sprint employee fired over leaked EVO 4G sales figures

June 14, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Looks like someone needs to be a little more careful in what type of information is being let out. Especially when it comes to your corporate job and the most anticipated Android device ever of the month.

According to MobileCrunch an XDA forum member let out a very specific EVO sales number (66,483 to be exact) on the afternoon of June 6th, just two days after the Sprint device went on sale. This, remind you, is a day before Sprint said that the EVO outsold the Palm Pre and the Samsung Instinct by about 3 times taking the spot as Sprint’s best launch day sale. This as we all know was redacted two days later as Sprint said that they must have made a mistake.

With that all behind us after some Sprint employees caught wind of an internal leak of actual sale numbers (MobileCrunch points out that these leaked numbers could just be from Sprint sales only, not third parties like Radioshack) on the forums, a “Forensic” team was put together to investigate and find the forum member. Well they did, and in pure crime scene style pulled out all of the Sprint employees posts and information in front of him and fired him on the spot.

It seems obvious that there was something that this employee didn’t take the time to read in Sprint’s privacy and corporate guidelines, either that or he though his identity was well hidden in the forums. Word to the wise on this story, if you are a corporate employee and think that you can get away unnoticed with leaking valuable company information, you are in denial. And I thought Apple had the problem with leaks.

Via [MobileCrunch]