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Space: The Android Frontier

June 14, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



People wise enough to follow the Androinica Twitter feed may already be familiar with this story, but the rest should learn more about Astdroid. That’s the Kickstarter project by Danny Pier, who contacted us on Friday requesting help spreading the word about his effort to send Android into space.

Astdroid is Pier’s effort to make the HTC EVO be the first phone to reach space (claim unverified). Pier plans to send his recently-purchased EVO in a weather balloon 35,000 meters into the air (about 22 miles). Once at a suitable altitude, he plans to use the EVO’s technology to take pictures of Earth, monitor location in space, and recover its location when the device inevitably falls back down to Earth.

Pier plans to write and share an application that others will be able to use for their own exploration efforts. He’s seeking help in funding the $1,800 project, which users can contribute to by visiting his Kickstarter page.

Hey, HTC, you’ve bragged about firsts recently. Why not kick the guy a few dollars and you could add first smartphone in space (maybe) to your resume?