RealPlayer is a WIP media player with potential [Video App Reviews]

June 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Multimedia, Video Reviews


Real Networks was once one of the most recognizable brands in online media; then people wised up and switched to MP3 downloads and streaming services. Though its notoriety in music has fallen, Real hasn’t disappeared from music completely – it still has an Android app worthy of a glance and a listen.

Real Player is a media management and playback tool that handles music, video, and photographs. It’s not the prettiest app in any bunch, and is still in beta, meaning users are likely to discover bugs and errors. (For me, this typically happens when using the slideshow feature). However, those willing to stomach these shortcomings will be rewarded with options not available in the default Music app.

Music can be viewed according to Artists, Albums, Genres, Ratings, Most Played, and Recently Added. The ability to easily slide between sections is one of the major reasons I loved Sony’s Mediascape, and RealPlayer is a pleasure to use if songs in your library are appropriately tagged. The great playback feature makes it much easier to deal with the awkward appearance. Here’s a video tour of the app.


  • Various ways to group or organize music
  • Plays video, music, and dynamic photo slideshows


  • Doesn’t allow choosing a media folder, so unwanted icons and images stored on SD card appear
  • Lacks a homescreen widget for playback

App: RealPlayer (BETA)

Price: Free

Website: RealPlayer Android