Pure Messenger is a super SMS and e-mail widget with Facebook/Twitter mixed-in [App Reviews]

June 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Pure Messenger Widget is one of the best widgets that I’ve seen on Android. Designed by the same developer who created Pure Calendar, Messenger has graduated from being another HTC Sense clone app to being customizable and powerful enough to rival the Sense message widget.

The latest version of Pure Messenger, which costs €1.29, delivers multiple methods for communicating with others. SMS text messages and email correspondence are readily available when tapping on left or right arrow keys. Users of LauncherPro are even able to scroll through a list vertically.

Pure Messenger provides a convenience factor by making it so easy to read and write messages. It includes quick access for reading messages in full, creating new SMS/email, or even launching the full texting or Gmail apps. And while I think other apps include better homescreen support, Facebook and Twitter addicts can also see status updates or link Pure Messenger to one of the top Twitter apps.

There are several skins available to use and numerous ways to customize Pure Messenger Widget to match your homescreen aesthetics. That makes the app as easy on the eyes as it is to use. Aside from looking good, compatibility is a big draw since Messenger supports Twitter applications, K9 e-mail, multiple Gmail accounts, and POP3. For only €1.29, you could gain quick access to all of your messages.


  • Read or write SMS/email directly from the home screen
  • Customize appearance by downloading skins and changing transperancy/font color
  • Import tweets/status updates and set widget to link with leading Twitter clients
  • Scrollable if using ADW Launcher or Launcher Pro

App: Pure Messenger

Price: €1.29


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