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New York Times Android app is an easy and polished way to view the Times [App Reviews]

June 16, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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The NYTimes Android app has been around for a little over a month now on the Android platform and with most of the bugs worked out it’s time to see how it holds up. It’s always interesting to see how these large, oldschool media outlets present their content in new ways, and I have to admit that the Times has decided to take a slightly different approach.

The NYTimes is a simple, clean, polished way to read the “award-winning” content from the NYTimes’ editors. The entire app has a  completely white background with black text and really does remind one of the newspaper. This is one thing that the Times has done well on all platforms; bring their content to new platforms but make it “feel” as if it is the original. This is one app where simplicity is of vital importance.

When going through the application you will notice a second drop down menu, just like the notification tray at the top. When dropped, the menu contains all of the various topics and categories, and boy are there a lot of them. There are videos, world news, US news, tech, health, etc. You name it, the Times has it covered. At the bottom of the headlines overview page there is also a refresh icon notifying you the last time you refreshed. Also, from the main page of headlines when you press the menu button you can activate the sections tray as well as read the about page.

When you are in a section you can browse through the headlines and choose one to view the entire story. From the entire story page, the pictures tend to be larger and when hitting the menu key you can share the story or change the font size. Videos are smooth and on Wi-Fi played pretty much instantaneous. There really isn’t more to it than that.

One gripe I have is that the refreshing of the headlines still seems to be slow and can freeze the app up a bit. Other than that the Times seems to present the content it needs while getting out of the way. The key to this app is that it’s all about the content, not the features of the app.


  • browse through the latest headlines of the Times
  • share stories any app that supports sharing
  • browse through sections
  • refresh headlines
  • ability to change the font size in the full story view


  • performance of the app can sometimes be slow and “jittery”

App: NYTimes

Price: FREE