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Motorola making an Android phone with 2GHz processor

June 10, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



You read the title right. Motorola is working on a phone that would support a 2GHz processor – two! Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha revealed his plans for a supercharged phone yesterday at an executive event in Chicago. According to KnowYourCell, Jha signaled that he wants to have a new phone with a 2GHz processor released by the end of the year. This year.

Jha would not delve into specifics about the chip, but it would be industry-leading if released in 2010. Qualcomm currently boasts the fastest processor on the market with its Snapdragon 1GHz chip. And though the processors in the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S are expected to offer comparable speeds, nothing reaching 2GHz has been suggested by any manufacturer.

To put things in perspective, there are many PC’s that have 2GHz processors. Jha’s comments signal that Motorola wants to create a behemoth device that would be the first mobile phone with PC capabilities. As exciting as that sounds, one can’t help but wonder how Motorola will deal with battery life. Android phones typically don’t have the strongest battery life, and faster processors can be more demanding. Offering something twice as fast as anything we’ve seen will surely require some new technology and optimization.

The holiday season will be very interesting for smartphone buyers.