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Motorola DROID “Xtreme” smiles again for the camera, shows it’s be-hind

June 4, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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We’ve seen leaked pics as well as  a Verizon Wireless Corporate gym employee come and go but it looks like today we get to see a little more of the Motorola DROID Xtreme. Even though this “superphone’s” name may be a bit dated and cliche, it appears to be quite the sexy piece.

DroidLife got two pics of the new Motorola phone which shows that the style of the body will be the same (it even looks like the same material, which is a win) and that the device is running Android 2.1 which will hopefully be updated to 2.2 by it’s release. The camera is also shown to be 8MP which doesn’t mean much as the 5MP camera in the current Moto DROID sucks, but it also notes that there is “HD Video” capabilities. The back does have quite the sleek look to it, and we hope that the sliding battery door’s design is better than the former.

Something that is weird is the top front of the phone which seems to have an angle to a “lower” portion. I could be crazy, but this thing may have a sliding keyboard underneath. Other than these assumed details, we don’t gain any internal knowledge about the device like processor, RAM, etc.

So, what say you commentors? Do we like the new larger, sleeker Moto DROID Xtreme?

Via [DroidLife]

Photos Via [DroidLife]