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Motorola DROID X gets a nice preview

June 15, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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We have been getting some serious leaks as of late when it comes to some of the newest Android devices and otherwise, but this one may take the cake. The Motorola DROID X got some nice hands-on time by Engadget and they verified just enough information to maybe make you think twice about any other Android (I know I am).

The Motorola DROID X will be coming to Verizon sometime in July with an announcement set for June 23rd. The device has, what Engadget says, a 4.4″ capacitive touch screen at 854×480 resolution that is “super-crisp”, an 8MP camera that is capable of 720p video, an HDMI out, and a processor that they swear is at least 1Ghz because the device is “snappy”. Performance wise, Engadget says that there is no hesitation at all when switching through apps and launching the virtual keyboard, which is, by the way the Swype keyboard with multi-touch built in.

The DROID X is also running a newer version of MotoBlur (could be ‘Ninjablur’) on Android 2.1 that isn’t so “in your face” as the previous incarnation. It looks beautiful really and doesn’t seem to lag at all when performing normal tasks. The 720p video snippet from the phone was decent, but nothing really spectacular as colors seems washed out and the white balance is pretty lame. That seems par for the course though with these devices.

The Moto X is big, I mean like bigger than the EVO big, so for people with some small hands it may be a real problem. But, because of the “largeness” of the screen it may make for faster text input as the keys will not be as cramped. And of course movies will look amazing on it.

So, what is fellow Android peeps? Do you just bide your time until this thing makes it’s debut or do you just go for the other offerings of HTC Incredible or Motorola DROID?

Source [Engadget] More pics at Engadget’s Gallery [Moto Droid X]

Motorola DROID X

Motorola Droid X on Verizon Wireless