Motorola Droid X accessory lineup revealed; includes car dock & home dock

June 24, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

Accessories, Car, Docks


Coming quickly after the official unveiling of the Droid X, we are now seeing some of the first accessories which include a car dock and a home dock.

Both products are currently listed on the Motorola website, and the official names are the Car Mount for Droid X and the fancier sounding Multimedia Station for Droid X. In terms of pricing, expect to pay $39.99 for the car mount and $49.99 for the multimedia station. Plus, in regards to the multimedia station, that will work best with an HDMI cable and that will set you back an additional $19.99.

As for the Car Mount, this is fairly self-explanatory in description in that it will allow you to use your Droid X in your car. Basically its a car cradle that will automatically launch a dashboard app when your phone is docked. That app will then offer quick and easy access to features that will often use in a car such as Maps Navigation, music, voice search and calling. The car mount will also keep your phone charged while in use and has a 3.5mm jack that will allow for a connection to your car stereo for better sound.

Moving on to the Multimedia Station and you will find a home dock that will allow you to dock and charge your phone. Of course, there is also the option to connect an HDMI cable and display video and images on your HDTV.

All in all it looks like two decent accessories for Droid X owners.

[via Motorola]