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Loot (Free) for Android helps you keep track of and organize your finances [App Reviews]

June 10, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Something that I have done for a while now is keep track of my checking and saving accounts while on the go. I have used many different devices and have had to put up with some very annoying ways of doing it (Palm OS apps) as it always proved to be more convenient than carrying a checkbook or notebook to write everything down. Now that we are in the “app generation” there are many ways to do this on Android.

Loot is a finance and checkbook application that helps you keep track of you money. It allows multiple accounts to be created, all with their own names, starting balances, priority, and type. After you have set up your account you can start adding withdraws, deposits, or even checks to your account and it will keep a running total. Loot shows you a list of your transactions and detail of the transaction like if it’s a withdrawal or deposit, the date, the name of the party, and the amount. There is a checkbox at the left of each transaction to signify when the transaction has posted to your account. Because of this you have a posted, real balance, and budget balance at the bottom of the list. It’s always nice to see how much money you really have.

There are also a robust set of tools and settings within loot like searching for a transaction, sorting features, the ability to purge posted transactions, database backup to SD, database restoration, plus a plethora of option in the settings menu. Many other features like charts and graphs, export to many popular formats (Quicken and CSV), as well as the ability to add receipts and images for transactions are included in the premium version for a mere $3.50.

I have to admit that loot is probably the best app in the Android Market even though some of the more “important” features are only included in the premium version. However, for a free app you do receive all you really need to be in tune with your finances.


  • multiple accounts with starting balances, name, priority, and type
  • ability to add transactions such as withdraws, deposits, and checks
  • posted total, balance, and budget total
  • ability to back up accounts to database as well as restore from SD
  • sorting and purging capabilities
  • app-wide search function
  • color schemes
  • FREE


  • would be nice if exporting was included in the free version

App: loot

Price: Free