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Koreans make the best Android commercials. [VIDEO]

June 10, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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People love discussing commercials for Android (present company included). Media and fans alike can’t help but to critique the adverts from mobile phone companies to see who “gets” Android and who must have been Don Drapper’d into running something that isn’t all that great.

Koreans do not suffer from this affliction.

Since we first saw the clever commercials of a dancing Android mascot, I’ve enjoyed seeing the Korean-made commercials for Android products. Maybe my brain is wired to appreciate a straight-forward but fun approach taken by SK Telecom, but I just love the commercials more than any campaign I’ve seen stateside (except for the Motorola Droid).

Take this commercial for the new Android phones available for SK Telecom, spotted via Twitter. They manage to be all things to all people: to the point for people who just want to see a cool phone, “funny” for the people who go for cheap laughs, and even has a little bit of sexy thrown into the mix for good measure. I’m no Madison Ave expert, but when I see something like this – as a consumer – I want to know more about it.

See more at YouTube, which has several more commercials in the sidebar.