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Inserty makes quick responses, coordinates, links and more easy to share [App Reviews]

June 9, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Personally, I love automation. Anything that I can make automatic and faster in my life is inherently a good thing. That is why apps like Inserty are so powerful and important for many people. The ability to create quick responses that can be used in many different situations can save you time and frustration when all someone needs is a bit of standard information. The thing is that Inserty goes a step further.

Inserty allows its users to create custom messages that can be inserted into any application. Think about it as a perpetual keyboard where you can keep many different responses that you can use at any time. Now, most of these types of apps need you to open them, copy the snippet or message that you need to use, and then paste it into the app that you send the message with (ie. email, Twitter, messaging, Facebook, etc.). Inserty goes one step further and allows you to use it as an input device in Android. You can go to Settings –> Language & Keyboard and then click on the ‘Inserty’ input device. From here on out when you are in a text area you can long hold, choose Inserty as the input choice, and then insert any of your custom messages inside the app you are in. Convenient.

Don’t think that all Inserty can do is allow you to save messages like, “I will be home soon, baby” or “I just made it to work”. Oh, no. You can insert tags into your messages that dynamically change like GPS coordinates, links to Google Maps of your current location, the time, the precision of your coordinates, the date, and even clipboard contents. This is where Inserty becomes much more powerful than just a perpetual clipboard. It becomes something that you can use to give friends, family, and colleagues the information that they need.


  • ability to create ‘snippets’ of text that can be added to any text field
  • ability to use Inserty as an input device in any text field or use it within the app by long holding the snippet
  • use tags to insert dynamically changing info like GPS coordinates, latitude, longitude, the time, date, Google Maps links, clipboard contents, etc.
  • FREE

App: Inserty

Price: FREE