Zeemote Could Bring Android FPS Games Alive

May 13, 2010 | by Andy Boxall

Accessories, Bluetooth

Zeemote Could Bring Android FPS Games Alive

The Zeemote JS1 is a Bluetooth joystick that runs on two AAA batteries, costs as little as £11 in the UK and can be used with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and BlackBerry phones to control various games from FIFA to Need for Speed.

However, it looks entirely possible that Zeemote could be adding Android to that list very soon, as the video below proves.  You see, Zeemote released their own Android SDK last month,  prompting someone to beaver away porting Quake III from a PC to make it run beautifully on a Motorola Droid, then making it equally as brilliant to play using the JS1.

Now all we need is for Android games developers to start supporting the JS1 in their games, as judging by the video, first-person shooter games will be transformed by it!

Impressive as it is though, do we really need such a thing for a mobile phone?  Isn’t the whole point not to have to carry accessories around to play a game?  How about you, are you a gamer who would consider the JS1 a must-buy when it’s a commonly supported accessory for Android?

(via Mobile-Ent)