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When Adobe employees get free Android phones, they better use them

May 5, 2010 | by Chris Smith


When Adobe employees get free Android phones, they better use them

According to CNET and other outlets, Adobe has been passing around the idea to purchase their employees their own own Android phones so that they “encourage” there use internally. There has been no mention of what exact phone they will be receiving or even when they are getting them, but the whole idea is that if Adobe employees have their own Android phones they can become more intimate with the platform that they will be developing Flash 10.1 for. Really, it’s just another PR stunt to allow the tech blogs to report on some “dishy” news about how much Adobe hates Apple. The thing is that Adobe needs to take this more seriously.

When Mr. Jobs wrote his open letter to Adobe he made some very valid points about the performance troubles of Flash on mobile platforms as well as full-blown operating systems. The ball is in Adobe’s court to truly prove him wrong at the Google developer conference (last look, they are not even on the agenda) coming up where they will actually show 10.1 running on an Android device. So, far Adobe has given every reason for Mr. Jobs to make these comments by pushing their development back further and further and not giving him or others any reason to think that Flash is going to have some type of mobile strategy on Android or otherwise, because Flash Light isn’t cutting it.

It’s time for Adobe to make a certain CEO eat his words and allow the tech community to see that Flash is still in the game and a viable tool for mobile operating systems such as Android. Hopefully, instead of just being cool and showing off their dislike for Apple, Adobe will put those Android handsets through some much needed use.