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VLC Remote lets you manage audio/video playback on Android [App Reviews]

May 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


VLC Remote lets you manage audio/video playback on Android [App Reviews]

If you’ve seen my previous post on Boxee Wi-Fi Remote and the inclusion of Gmote in our 60 Best Apps post, you know that I’m a huge fan of apps that allow me to control media content stored and played through my computer.

VLC Remote is the latest Android app to earn my favor, and it’s a beauty. If you’ve already used Gmote, you don’t really need this, but VLC Remote has more polish and graphical elements than most other remote apps that I’ve used. Aside from having a superior interface, browsing large directories with VLC Remote is lightning-fast. Folders, files, and playback controls all load in an instant.

For only $1.99 and installing software on a PC, VLC Remote can control the music and videos stored on your desktop. The app allows users to switch between full-screen mode, change volume settings, and create or manage playlists on the fly. It even supports pairing with multiple computers, allowing users to move from their desktop in an office to a media-linked computer in their living room (if you’re techie, like that). Download VLC from the Android Market.


  • Control VLC playback of audio, video, or media playlists directly on phone
  • Set skip distance to move forward as little as 5 seconds or as much as 15 minutes.
  • Create profiles to control multiple computers (one at a time)
  • Works with VLC’s advanced controls and DVD controls


  • Doesn’t stream from computer to device, so it cannot replace Gmote in that regard.
  • Doesn’t have an in-app search feature for quick access to certain files

App: VLC

Price: $1.99