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Verizon adds to the DROID Does commercial campaign [Videos]

May 14, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Verizon adds to the DROID Does commercial campaign [Videos]

And just like that Verizon has released a few new commercials as part of the Droid Does campaign, the latest two include No View and Dust. Both are coming in at 32 seconds for just over one minute of total entertainment. Personally I love these Droid commercials from Verizon, they may not be ideal for everyone that is watching, but they do always seem to get the people in the room with me talking. If nothing else I have seen them make people curious about the Droid, and Android in general. And that should be classified as a success.

From the Verizon Wireless YouTube account:

“Limitless Power. Endless Possibilities. DROID Apps. See what it feels like to have a cargo bay of intelligent apps at your fingertips. Explore the DROID appsphere, and start downloading the infinite possibilities.”

No View


[via DroidDog]