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Sony Xperia X10 will get update soon, but won’t see Android 2.1 until Q4 2010

May 5, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Sony Xperia X10 will get update soon, but won’t see Android 2.1 until Q4 2010

Fresh off the heels of my rant on Android fragmentation, Sony Ericsson have stated that the XPERIA X10 line of phones will receive an update to Android 2.1 in Q4 2010. Quick-witted users will instantly realize that Android 2.2 is likely to be available next month, meaning the X10 will still be running outdated software when it finally is updated from Android 1.6 later this year.

In my review of the X10, I said that users should be concerned with having to wait to get updates, but the X10 experience would likely be good enough for day to day use once 2.1 came. But that was operating under the assumption that a 2.1 update would come in the summer or early fall. I still think Mediascape and Timescape are great, but the X10 is clearly not a viable option for people who demand the latest software or Flash, which comes built into Android 2.2.

However, those of you who just can’t turn away from the X10 will be enticed by knowing that the future update will bring great features like:

  • HD video recording as seen in the Sony Ericsson Vivaz (search YouTube and you’ll see some amazing test footage by the Vivaz, so the X10 could see a big jump in video quality)
  • Wireless connectivity to DLNA (for connecting your phone with certain media devices)
  • Improvements to Timescape and Mediascape to be “smarter and richer”

The 2.1 update will be delivered through a desktop update, which will also be available to X10 Mini and Mini Pro users. In the meantime, a small update will go out soon to address the performance issues of SE’s UX platform.

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