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SFR France now offering the Nexus One

May 19, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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SFR France now offering the Nexus One

The Nexus One has recently landed as available with one more carrier, this time its French carrier SFR and interested customers can place an order online as of today. Additionally, for those that need some hands on time before making a purchase — the Nexus One will be in retail stores beginning as of May 25th.

Price wise, you can expect to pay as low as 129 euro (about $163 US) on a 12 month agreement and up to 419 euro (about $532 US) for the pay as you go month to month option.

All said and done, SFR customers have a good option here as this is the same Nexus One that Google was selling online. In other words, there has not been anything extra added in by the carrier.

As far as the Nexus One showing up with other French carriers, that could come, but for now it looks like SFR has a 6 month exclusivity offer going.

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