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HTC’s pockets are getting fat off phone sales

May 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


HTC’s pockets are getting fat off phone sales

HTC has the misfortune of having to pay Microsoft money for alleged patent violations in Android. I’m sure HTC would rather keep those extra dollars in its piggy bank, but that bank is still getting quite fat based on recent sales reports.

Thanks to help from top-sellers like the HTC Desire, HTC had a record high of about $572 million USD in the month of April. From January to April, the company took in an estimated $55.7 billion, a 29.57% increase over the previous period last year.

When you factor in how much money HTC will make from the Droid Incredible, EVO, and Desire, this could be a banner year for the Taiwanese firm. Looks like Microsoft won’t be the only company getting rich off of Android.