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FTC approves Google acquisition of AdMob

May 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


FTC approves Google acquisition of AdMob

The Federal Trade Commission has approved Google’s efforts to purchase AdMob. Though the deal previously looked as if it would face additional scrutiny over fairs that Google would unfairly dominate the mobile ad market, Google announced the approval on its official blog a short time ago.

The AdMob acquisition faced threats but may have been aided by Apple’s debut of iAds and comments from current AdMob users in favor of the deal. The FTC suspected that mobile advertising space would be less competitive if it approved the deal, but “it’s been clear that the mobile advertising is growing rapidly,” according to Google.

Google will immediately begin “bringing AdMob’s and Google’s teams and products together,” which should prove interesting in light of the new advertising changes to Android shown at the Google I/O conference. Google previewed new technology that would allow embedded video and contextual, clickable ads that developers could include in their apps. AdMob is one of the largest mobile advertising networks and Google will soon begin working on integrating the two.