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Congress for Android helps U.S. citizens keep up with their legislators [App Reviews]

May 21, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Congress for Android helps U.S. citizens keep up with their legislators [App Reviews]

With all the talk of transparency in the U.S. government, it is still a wonder how our representatives keep things quiet about laws they vote on and what is specifically passed. The U.S. lawmaking and changing process is a complicated one and keeping up with your state’s representatives can be difficult as well.

Congress is an Android app that helps users know more about the United State Congress. It allows users to browse current laws that are in for, or about to be voted on as well as laws that have already been passed. You can also search for your representatives by the state they reside in, have access to their office phone number, website, email, Twitter profile, YouTube profile, and pretty much anything else they make available for their supporters (or non-supporters) to get in contact with them.

There are many slick features in this app but one of my favorites is the “profile” pages of the representatives. It is so nice to have all of their information on one single page. I find the chances of me calling my representative to be much higher when I have the most current law they are going to vote on, their phone number, and a phone right in my hand. Talk about convenience. And seriously, to get U.S. citizens involved in the process of government you have to make it easy and convenient for them!


  • shows new laws, laws in the voting process, and their current sponsors
  • can find legislators by location, state, last name, or zip code
  • ability to setup Twitter account within app to reply to legislators
  • representatives profiles with links to all of their given information as well as what they have been working on


  • would be nice to view all representatives that voted on a law under the applicable law

App: Congress

Price: Free