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We won’t see Notion Ink Adam until “Flash is fully functional”

April 7, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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We won’t see Notion Ink Adam until “Flash is fully functional”

If you are an Android lover and the iPad has got you down then Notion Ink Adam will surely satisfy your tablet cravings, that is if it ever comes out. We have heard and speculated and wished that this device would come out sometime this summer but it appears our hopes and dreams are going by the wayside. We may see this stacked device a little later than expected as Notion Ink’s blog says Adam will not be released until “Flash is fully functional”.

Adam boasts some very desirable specs: a 10.1″ transflective Pixel Qi display, Nvidia’s Tegra 2 video chip, a 180 degree swivel camera, and a fast dual-core Cortex A9 processor. But until Notion Ink gets flash fully working they will not release their device. The plan is to get Flash working, test for a whole two months and then make the Adam available. In a “post iPad world” waiting longer to release a tablet may not be the best idea.

It is understandable wanting to make a device work perfectly before it ships to consumers is a top priority, but many people that are waiting patiently for the “iPad killer” may just not be that patient. It is important to get this and other tablet/slate competitors into the market as soon as possible. If not we may see the iPad do to the tablet market what the iPhone did to the smartphone market. The Adam is a sweet device but not so sweet if it can’t make it into consumers hands.

Via [IntoMobile]