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Toshl tracks expenses and syncs online to produce graphs (App Reviews)

April 20, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Toshl tracks expenses and syncs online to produce graphs (App Reviews)

Androinica rarely reviews the same app twice, but finance app Toshl has progressed enough to warrant a second look. After all, why not revisit an app that uses a mobile and Internet client to help users revisit how they spend their money?

Toshl tracks expenses based on information users enter into the phone or their account. After every purchase, it can record transactions by date, price, tag, and in 15 major currencies (or custom currency). The tag function allows users to categorize expenses, and each purchase can include an optional description for note-taking. That information can then be synced securely to, meaning you’ll always have reliable data in the event that you switch phones or wish to see your spending history.

The simplicity of Toshl is refreshing, but I’d love to be able to quickly enter a repeat expense, say a daily $5 breakfast. Pro accounts offer graphs to better illustrate spending trends, export to Excel/PDF/GDocs, and receive email reports on purchases. The Pro account is not necessary to use the Toshl app, but it unlocks web-based bonus features for $19.99 a year.


  • Add, edit expenses with tags and dates
  • View expenses by time or tags
  • Sync/back-up expense information on
  • Beautiful, uncluttered interface


  • Doesn’t let users enter profiles for repeat expenses
  • Export limited to CSV if not using Pro account

App: Toshl
Price: Free ($19.95 annual PRO account adds online features)