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Samsung Galaxy S expected to be available in June, will sell for $1,000?

April 1, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Samsung Galaxy S expected to be available in June, will sell for $1,000?

Having just been announced a few days back, the Galaxy S is a relatively new offering from Samsung, but that has not stopped the first hands-on reviews from hitting the Interwebs. Of course, what I found most interesting in the review was in regards to the pricing — expensive.

The review comes by way of a Russian review site called, well, MobileReview. Fitting, I know. But moving on to the pricing, it is said that it will cost “about 30.000 rubles in Russia” which translates to $1,019.01 US dollars. Of course, that would most likely be an unsubsidized price. But still. Additionally, it was noted that it will come available for customers beginning in June.

Otherwise, the Galaxy S seems to have been given a positive review, though it was noted that “it is obvious that this unit is not for everyone.” And I can only imagine that comes in combination of both the overall power that this phone has in terms of software and specs, but also the price. But it was noted, that the “Samsung Galaxy S is worth the money.” Of course, they could have said something entirely different, after all I cannot read Russian and was depending on Google for the translating ability. Either way though, its an interesting read with LOTS of images.

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