How to format a 32GB microSD card for Nexus One and Android

April 20, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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How to format a 32GB microSD card for Nexus One and Android

Google has acknowledged that there is an issue with Android that can create problems when people attempt to format a 32GB card on their phone. Sure, the Nexus One and many Android phones say they support up to 32GB cards, but the catch is that you have to first format the card on your computer; Android can’t do it directly from the phone. A fix for this issue will come with the next OTA update.

I’ve always formatted my SD cards on my computer first and never really thought it was that big of a deal to not be able to do it on the phone. To be fair, I always have a microSD reader handy, so maybe other folks aren’t as lucky. If you’re able to load a microSD card on a Windows PC, here’s how to format the SD card.

  1. Place the microSD card into your adapter or USB reader. Then put the adapter/reader into your computer’s SDcard/USB slot
  2. Wait until the AutoPlay notification pops up. Make note of the drive letter, which looks like this (the part that says “Sony Ericsson PC Software (D:)” :
  3. Close the AutoPlay window and then go to My Computer (or Computer in Windows 7)
  4. From the left panel, right-click on the drive letter assigned to your SD card
  5. Select “Format” and let Windows do the rest.
  6. Problem solved.