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Google hires a dev advocate to focus on game development

April 13, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Google hires a dev advocate to focus on game development

The next time I write my 10 Most Important Names in Android list, there’s a good chance that Mark DeLoura will be prominently featured. DeLoura has just bee hired by Google as a “Developer Advocate” for video games, a position that appears to have been created recently.

DeLoura’s position is expected to make Google Android a more appealing platform to develop games. Google has started making a push to improve gaming options on Android by sponsoring the ADC2 and opening Android’s NDK. DeLoura’s responsibilities will likely include promoting Android/Chrome development, sharing resources with developers, and highlighting tutorials/features that may encourage more focus on games.

Gamasutra gained the following comments from DeLoura:

I personally feel that Google hiring someone specifically to focus on games is a signal from the company that they recognise the growing importance of games as a medium…Now how do we make it easier for developers to express themselves and share the experiences they create?

Gamasutra via TechRadar