Android News app comes to an Android near you [First Look]

April 4, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Android Apps, Free apps app comes to an Android near you [First Look]

I don’t know if you have been sitting around thinking, “man, I wonder when the official Digg application is going to come to the Android platform.” But if you have (please tell me you haven’t) the wait is now over. On Friday, Android users could download the Digg app from the Android Market.

The Digg application is very much a look-a-like to the iPod/iPhone app but according to reports is a little less functional. At the top of the app’s screen you can switch between the “top, recent, and upcoming” stories on Digg. You can browse through the stories, choose one and view it, then “Digg” up or down on a story. Something that confused me was the fact that when you chose to vote a story up or down you were then redirected to Digg’s mobile site to sign in. I think that it would have made more sense to allow users to log in via a settings option inside of the application.

Besides that the Digg application seems to work well. Check out Andrew’s hands on below and leave a comment with your thoughts on the new Digg app for Android.