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ColorNote brings stickynotes and feature-rich notetaking to Android [App Reviews]

April 19, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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ColorNote brings stickynotes and feature-rich notetaking to Android [App Reviews]

I know, there are a ton of Android note taking applications in the Market with many of them doing the same things in different ways. Some note-taking apps are pretty terrible and others rise above the rest. The note-taking app we are going to look at today is one of the latter.

ColorNote is a simple note-taking app for Android that has some helpful features. The user can create many different notes and checklists and give them a specific title and color. When these notes are created they can’t be shared through SMS, email, or any other third party app that ties into the Android sharing feature (like any Twitter clients). You can also lock your notes with a password, something that is very important to some people. I have to say that the lock feature works very well. Any time you leave the locked note or checklist, even if you just go home and ColorNote is still running, the note will require a password. Could be a little overzealous, but at least you know you are locking your notes.

Something else that is nice about this app is that when you are in edit mode and are typing the search box at the top of the app is filled with the word you are working on. You can then hit the search button and find that word anywhere else in the note. An added bonus is that you can search all notes at once making finding things even faster.

ColorNote also allows you to backup and import your notes from SD card, add “stickies” to your home screen that keep the color you have assigned, search and highlight within the note, save changes, add a reminder, “check” and “uncheck” the title of the note (give the note a strikethrough), and sort by time, color, or title.


  • export and import to SD
  • nice “sticky-note” widgets that are color coded
  • trustworthy password lock feature
  • checklist maker
  • unique search function
  • reminder notifications


  • cannot use images
  • font maybe a little too big
  • sorting is somewhat limited

App: ColorNote

Price: Free