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Camangi WebStation gets an update

April 14, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Camangi WebStation gets an update

It looks like the Camangi WebStation has been given a firmware update. The news comes according to an email notification that was sent out to current WebStation owners and it was noted that this update is offering improvements, upgrades, fixes and some additional software.

1.The improvements of WiFi:More stable and fast WiFi connection function.

2.The improvements of Sleep mode: Wake up device is smoothly and fast.

3.Remove unlock interface: Many valued customers feedback on this Unlock action is redundant, so we decide to remove it by this version.

4.More user-friendly interface: Better user experience for operation.

5.Recovery to default setting.

6.Upgrade Weather Feature: Easier for operation and update.

7.More Applications will feature new apps designed specifically for WS:

a.Fring: Great communication app, it combines MSN, Shype, Twitter, Google Talk and so on; you can also use this application to make VoIP calls.

b.Aldiko: Amazing and professional plarform for e-book, it can browse and shop for reading books by free or paid anytime.

c.TaskManger: You can manage your resources of WS in more effective way.

d.APKinstaller: You can install the Android apk right away, no matter from Micro SD card or Internet.

The change log looks pretty nice, not everything one would hope for, but still decent nonetheless. Except the kicker here comes in the fact that you have to send in your unit and let them perform the update. But that aside they are offering an update and an update that is said to improve the overall performance of the unit. It should be interesting to see how many people actually send in the device.

And as I mentioned the other day, I recently received a review unit and it looks like the one I have has been given the update. I promise a review will come, but I think this review may take a little time.

[via Camangi]