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Asphalt makes gaming on Android look good [Video Reviews]

April 18, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Asphalt makes gaming on Android look good [Video Reviews]

One of the “problems” with Android is the lack of developers making true 3D games. With titles like ExZeus hitting the Market and showing users what gaming can really look like on Android it is a wonder on how long it will really take for Android to become a true gaming platform

Asphalt is an Android racing game created by Gameloft, a company that has put out a ton of games for the iPhone platform with some success. They take a stab at game development on Android, and to be very honest I think that they have made a game that shows how Android can perform.

The gameplay is smooth on the Moto DROID (my DROID is overclocked to 1Ghz) and the game is definitely action-packed. I am not a true racing fanatic by any means, but I found that the game was entertaining and also challenging.

I found that running a task killer application before playing the game made the playback even smoother. With many apps running in the background I did notice some hiccups within the gameplay. Any “lower-end” Android devices (G1, Hero, Eris, MyTouch, etc.) would probably have a bad time playing this game as a lot of CPU power is required.

Check out the video below for some extreme gaming skills!


  • Quick race and career modes, multiple customizable cars
  • smooth gameplay on higher end Android devices
  • Audio and sound effects are high quality
  • 3D graphics show off the power of Android
  • Asphalt 3: Street Rules available for lower spec’d Android devices


  • Requires a higher-spec’d phone such as the DROID or Nexus One
  • $6.99 price tag may be a little high for some
  • No mention of the app or Android on Gameloft’s site (please prove me wrong commentors!)

App: Asphalt

Price: $6.99