Apple’s iAd platform could aid Google’s effort to purchase AdMob

April 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Apple’s iAd platform could aid Google’s effort to purchase AdMob

iPhone OS 4 was announced today, and iPhone users across the country are foaming at the mouth to get revolutionary features like multitasking, folders, and changing wallpapers. These are ground-breaking concepts that mean nothing to you Android users who have done these very things since 2008.

However, there was one piece of news that should interest Google. Apple unveiled iAd, a built-in platform for interactive ads “with emotion” that will debut on iPhones this summer. I won’t bore you with the details explaining iAds, but its mere presence could be what saves Google’s AdMob acquisition.

Google has attempted to purchase AdMob, the company responsible for a great deal of stats we use to gauge Android adoption, and more importantly, help some developers profit from their hard work. The FCC is reportedly leaning towards blocking the deal because Google already controls so much of the web-based advertising industry. However, with Apple owning the dominant smartphone, Google can argue that there is competition for mobile ads. How can they have a monopoly if the iPhone accounts for more than half of mobile data usage?

Google likely hopes that the presence of iAds will steady the FCC’s hand from blocking its deal for AdMob. It could also affect the way Android users interact with the many apps the incorporate AdMob. Google rarely acquires products without putting some type of their own spin on it, so we definitely could see them leverage their data and resources into a new type of ad – if the deal is approved.