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Vodafone UK adds “coming soon” page for Nexus One

March 12, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Vodafone UK adds “coming soon” page for Nexus One

We all knew the Nexus One was heading to Vodafone, after all the Google Store has had it listed as coming in “Spring 2010″ for a while. But at the same time we have yet to see the listing extended to the official Vodafone UK website, that is until now. Of course you cannot yet place an order as the page is still listing the Nexus One as “coming soon.” Instead, what you can do is register for updates. All things considered this seems like a nice step, and one that will hopefully change to available soon. And in the end this brings up another question; Will you be able to purchase the Nexus One directly with Vodafone?

[via Vodafone UK]