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The Best Android Twitter App is… [Droid vs Droid]

March 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Best Android Twitter App is… [Droid vs Droid]

The Best Android Twitter app doesn’t exist. During our first Android Twitter App Round-Up, there were many detractors even though Twidroid was clearly at the head of the pack. With the introduction of even more apps that rival Twidroid’s virtues, there’s even less chance of a consensus.

In the first edition of our new series of similar app reviews, Droid vs. Droid, we will once again revisit the bounty of Android Twitter apps in search of finding the best. Twidroid? Touiteur? Seesmic? HootSuite? There are many options, but only one can be king. Below is a comparison chart showing some of the features available in each app.

April 2010 - Twitter App

Twidroid / Twidroid Pro (€3.39)


Twidroid was one of the first Android Twitter apps, and it has remained one of the best. The only complaint I’ve had is that Twidroid isn’t as fast as it once was, but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most used apps. The Pro edition of Twidroid was among the first to introduce new features like multiple accounts, themes, and media sharing, so users can count on strong features in a good interface.  Another unique feature is that it supports and Laconia, allowing users to add their profiles on those networks as well.

Great for: The free version is a great starter edition and the Pro is good for power users

Touiteur / Touiteur Premium (€1.99)


Full disclosure: I’m biased in my admiration for Touiteur. I love when apps incorporate beautiful designs, and few apps are as pretty Touiteur. Anyone who uses this app should opt for the Premium version, which adds theme support, color-coded multiple accounts, a widget, and threaded conversations. The great thing about Touiteur is that its constantly updating. I’ve had to adjust the features chart at the top of this page because the developer keeps adding features and bug improvements. The app needs to improve its speed to rival other apps, but Touiteur remains one of my favorites.

Great for: People who value good looks, lots of features, and constant updates



TweetsRide has long been the fastest Android Twitter app thanks to its minimalist approach. The interface is simple and the app focuses on the core features of Twitter in order to optimize speed. TweetsRide has since added new features  like trending topics, threaded conversations, and themes, which has made it remain reasonably close to to rivals without sacrificing its breakneck speed. If you only manage one account and place a top priority on speed, Tweetride is the top choice.

Great for: People who speed, simplicity, and not much else.



Desktop to mobile, Seesmic wants to be the go-to third-party Twitter application. On Android, they’ve done a pretty good job of getting there. Only a few months old, Seesmic has struck a chord that finds the right balance between speed and features. Seesmic has every feature that people need, but it does lack some features that many people want (widgets, themes, etc.). The app recently added SSL security, tweaks that improve its look, and the ability to jump back to the top after browsing through a long stream.

Great for: People who want a balance between features and speed.

Tweetcaster / Tweetcaster Pro ($4.99)


The Tweetcaster interface isn’t very pretty, but the features are appealing. There are dark and light theme options, favorites, profile reading, filtering by user, and the ability to save searches. In fact, features are the saving grace of the app because it is one of the most-decorated of the comparison chart. No matter what I removed or added, Tweetcaster typically had it. I’m unable to get list support, but the app does let users create lists within the app. The free and pro editions are identical except that free version includes advertisements.

Great for: People who want a lot of features and don’t need lists support.

HootSuite Lite / HooSuite ($2.99)


Swift was another great Twitter app with tremendous speed, so it’s no surprise that HootSuite – built by the same developer – is also pretty quick. The HootSuite app is designed for social media pros that need multiple accounts, lists, and stats for links. The interface is very appealing because users can quickly swipe side-to-side to access streams. You can have multiple columns of replies, lists, or saved searches tied to multiple accounts. The Lite version supports only 3 accounts and doesn’t include stats, but both versions are very solid.

Great for: Social media pros, current HootSuite users, and people who like accessing their streams quickly.



Minimal look, robust features, and quick, Twicca is all about maximizing the space available to read tweets. Twicca lacks multiple account suppors, but it includes a number of unique virtues like seeing only retweets and homescreen shortcuts for certain features. Twicca includes nearly every feature Twitter users need and want, making it a desirable app if you have only one account and want those features to not affect speed.

Great for: People who don’t like busy designs and just want to focus on the tweets.



The Twigee available in the market today bears little resemblance to the Twigee I first used several weeks ago. The app has vastly improved from a simple tweet reader to a more powerful client that can hold its own with several apps. Twigee can swipe left-to-right to manage multiple accounts, view user profiles, utilize favorites, and  even browse tweets one-by-one. Best of all, Twigee has been enhanced without becoming slow or compromising what made so many people like it.

Great for: People who don’t like busy designs and just want to focus on the tweets.

Twit2Go / Twidgit

These two apps lack the library of features seen in other apps, but they’ve got the must-have features of Twitter: read, reply, tweet, and favorite. Twit2Go is a dead-simple Twitter client that supports the tweet/read functions, direct messages, and the ability to search. Meanwhile Twidgit puts the most basic features of Twitter on its desktop widget and launcher. Both apps lack the advanced features of rivals, but they are designed that way.

Great for: People who value simplicity over everything and want to do nothing other than tweet.


The Best Twitter App is a tricky subject because so much goes into finding what’s right for you. What good is multiple account support for someone who only has one account? When people say the best app, they’re really saying, “The Best app for me.” With that said, I feel comfortable saying that the best Android Twitter app is…Seesmic.

Seesmic is the Android Twitter app most likely to appeal to a broad group of people. It does one of the best job of balancing the importance of looks, features, speed, and navigation. Despite that very annoying placement of the submit button on new tweets, Seesmic is the app most likely to meet the needs of most Twitter users. It has pro-level features, respectable speeds, and is a breeze to use.

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