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Samsung Galaxy Spica gets the bump up to 2.1

March 17, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Samsung Galaxy Spica gets the bump up to 2.1

Samsung has recently announced, by way of an official press release that Android 2.1 was going to begin rolling out to those with the Galaxy Spica. As for when and where. Users in Germany can expect to see the 2.1 update sometime this month. Other areas in Europe as well as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Asia and Africa will see it “gradually rolled out.” One item to point out here is that Samsung does not appear to be rolling this out over-the-air, instead Galaxy Spica users will have to use “Samsung’s unique in-house software upgrade program.” Yup, users will have to hook up to a PC and use PC Studio 7 to perform the upgrade. Not an ideal way to upgrade, but I suppose Android 2.1 is worth the trade-off.

From the press release…

Enhanced User Experienced
The Galaxy Spica becomes a highly intuitive communications device offering users the option to personalise no less than nine side-scrolling screens. Users can really let their imaginations run wild, creating different home screens according to different personal interests or requirements.

The handset now features augmented reality technology that displays real-time digital information of your surroundings over the view-finder of the Galaxy Spica’s 3 megapixel camera. The Galaxy Spica also features Samsung widgets, Visual bookmark and PC Sync support to enable users to synchronise their devices quickly.

Enhanced Multimedia and Messaging Functionality
The handset now comes with a number of enhanced multimedia features which transform the Galaxy Spica into a personal entertainment device. Media browser allows you to browse through your media collection with ease. The camera has been upgraded to offer enhanced picture options and viewing functionality.

Improved messaging functionality means that it is much easier to attach files to MMS and email that users can easily add contacts to messages direct from the phonebook. Improved contact management enables users to find a necessary contact very easily through the alphabetical index.