(Review) Cybersynchs promises to keep your information safe, secure, and accessible

March 24, 2010 | by Ed Clark

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(Review) Cybersynchs promises to keep your information safe, secure, and accessible

Cybersynchs, a new app just released on the Market, is a “is a service that mirrors personal information from your mobile device over the air to a private and secure account.” What this means is that Cybersynchs can back up your contacts, videos, photos, voicemail, last GPS locations, call logs, settings, even ringtones–and according to Jennifer Wolk of Cybersynchs, more is coming soon.

Other features (as described by the developer) include:

1. Multiple Operating System support

2. Persistence: Even if the Android OS closes the app (very common when it wants to free up memory for other apps) the app will restart within an hour so you never have to worry about manually opening it to keep information in Synch.

3. Background Processing: The app’s User Interface and “Backend” are completely separate such that a Synch can be run in the background without the UI popping up which may annoy the user.

If you have data on your phone that is important to you, this could be a very handy service in various situations: when switching to a new phone, after performing a factory reset, or just outright losing your phone. I still remember how upset I was when I lost my phone’s microSD card, which contained the only copy of one of the best photographs I ever took. Arrrgh.

The interface is simple and works well. Simply set up an account on the Cybersychs website, login, install Cybersynchs on your phone, and synch. Two quick tips to keep in mind:

1) If you have a lot of data and you decide to synch everything (you can change this in your settings), make sure that you are using a Wifi connection. I forgot how large my photo and video collection was on my Nexus One, and the 3G connection wasn’t working too well for the upload. Of course, when I switched the connection over to my router, it completed in just a few minutes. Obviously, you should only back up the data that is actually important to you if you want the quickest experience.

2) As with any service of this nature, you should check privacy policies and make sure they meet your needs. The Cybersynchs privacy policy contains the following language:

“We will not give, sell, rent, share, or trade any of your personally identifiable information, or the data that you store using our service to any third party, except as outlined in our Terms of Service and in this privacy policy. We reserve the right to disclose such information to a third party only if (a) we have your express written consent, (b) we reasonably believe we are compelled by applicable state and federal laws, or (c) we reasonably believe that an emergency involving immediate danger of death or serious physical injury to any person, or other irreparable injury, including economic interests of a third party, requires disclosure of the information without delay.”

This sounded good enough to me, but everyone should read the whole document and make their own decisions.

A phone with Cybersynchs combined with App Brain would backup most of the things that people care about on their devices–their data (much of it) and their apps. If you have ever had to start over from scratch with a new phone, or have desperately needed to recover some data, you understand how useful these applications can be.