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OK Labs demonstrates their virtualization software and the “nirvana phone”

March 23, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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OK Labs demonstrates their virtualization software and the “nirvana phone”

Open Kernel labs demonstrated an Android-based secure VoIP solution at CTIA today by showing it through a customer-developed application on top of their OKL4 Microvisor virtualization platform. With the OKL4 platform, original equipment manufacturers can take separate data and voice data from the actual Android OS. This secure layer can protect data on Android if it fell victim to any type of virus, malware, or security flaw.

OK Labs will also be showing off a way to enable Mobile-to-Enterprise security with the company Citrix. This technology will enable secure mobile phone to desktop access on what is known as the “nirvana phone” which is more of an idea than actual phone. It allows the Citrix software (think GoToMyPC) to run on top of the OKL4 Microvisor and allows the phone connect to a monitor and a supported Bluetooth keyboard. The demo video uses a Windows Mobile phone to demonstrate the idea and from the article and the video there is yet to be word an Android version. I would think that an Android version of the “nirvana phone” is not entirely far out as OKL4 Microvisor runs on Android.

This technology is interesting. The idea of having a secure connection to your home or enterprise computer anywhere from something as small as your phone is pretty cool and could definitely be useful. Being able to connect to any standard monitor and Bluetooth keyboard is compelling and would make traveling and doing business a little easier.

Source [Sys-Con Media]