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Motorola Droid sells an estimated 1.05 million units in 74 days

March 16, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Motorola Droid sells an estimated 1.05 million units in 74 days

The Motorola Droid outperformed the iPhone in its first 74 days of availability. While the first gen iPhone sold 1 million units in its first 74 days of sales, the Motorola Droid sold 1.05 million according to estimates from Flurry Analytics.

These are just sales estimates rather than exact figures, but they are encouraging signs of Android’s growth. It took six months for the G1 to reach the million sales mark, while the Droid appears to have crossed that threshold in a little over two. The $100 million advertising assault of the Droid Does campaign has clearly been successful. Verizon’s tapped into its large base of customers thirsting for a powerful smartphone and the Droid delivered that to the tune of 1 million served.

One must also consider that the iPhone was a revolutionary device that was twice as expensive than the Droid’s $199 price tag. The Droid’s relative affordability and high-volume sales of a holiday season affect sales comparisons. The Nexus One, which is available without a subsidy to most people, has also seen slow sales because it is so expensive and unavailable in retail stores.