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Motorola CLIQ XT: A few leaked images and a sales pamphlet

March 9, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Motorola CLIQ XT: A few leaked images and a sales pamphlet

T-Mobile is expected to roll out the CLIQ XT as of tomorrow March 10 but in the meantime that has not stopped a few individuals from securing and posting a few last minute goodies.

First up is the sales pamphlet, which judging from the title “sell it in 60 seconds” seems to be aimed at making it as easy as possible for just about any employee to sell. A few goodies from the pamphlet include that it is the thinnest Android phone that T-Mobile is currently offering, that is has access to the Android Market, a 5-megapixel camera, MOTOBLUR and an “enhanced Google HTML browser with Adobe Flash Lite.” Of course, in addition to the sell it in 60 seconds dribble pamphlet, customers can also grab and take one of the phone shaped pamphlets which I am assuming goes more into detail. Unfortunately the CLIQ XT is launching with OS 1.5.

Moving on we also have a few spy style images coming courtesy of TmoToday and judging from the report they received with the images — the handset does not seem all that exciting.

“First things first is that the neat little touch-sensitive side is absent; the whole thing was a rumor. The sides of the phone are just as normal as any other cell phone out there. Secondly, the trackpad is a waste of space. The thing is huge and serves no purpose. What is good though is that the phone is small, light, and otherwise fun! From what we’ve been told, the device comes pre-loaded with the i Music app which gives one unlimited music for free (via a cellular/Wi-Fi connection).”

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