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MOTOBLUR system goes down, user frustrations go up

March 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


MOTOBLUR system goes down, user frustrations go up

Motorola’s MOTOBLUR user interface has attracted people to the Backflip and Cliq/Dext, but many of those users are reporting that the MOTOBLUR update service isn’t working. For many users on both the Motorola and T-Mobile support forums, MOTOBLUR is not refreshing the “Happenings” widget that updates text messages and activities on social networks.

One Backflip user reports that his phone receives more than 30 updates at one moment, two times each day. The phone is supposed to update every 15 minutes, but neither his nor his girlfriend’s Backflip will refresh properly. A chorus of MOTOBLUR users has posted similar responses indicating that there has been something wrong with BLUR since Friday. (A check of the T-Mobile forum reveals users complaining about this as far back as March 11). Though an reader pointed me to several threads complaining of the same issue since Saturday, I’ve yet to see any response from a Motorola rep explaining the problem or offering a fix.

MOTOBLUR is both a user interface and a deeply-integrated set of communication tools that require syncing to Motorola’s servers. Problems or outages on those servers sadly make one of the most important features of the phone unusable. The fact that multiple Backflip (AT&T) and Cliq (T-Mobile) users have this problem makes me wonder if this might be a 1.5 issue. The problem appears to be cross-carrier and device, except for Verizon’s Devour, which runs a 1.6-based version of Android.

Whatever the cause, Motorola better get a handle on it. A similar outage back in December also angered many users, so an unstable system necessary for delivering information could turn some people off from BLUR.

Thanks for the tip, Jason!

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