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More rumors: Sprint Hero and Moment update coming next Friday March 26

March 22, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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More rumors: Sprint Hero and Moment update coming next Friday March 26

In a little more news that sounds almost better than it should, a new rumored release date for the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment 2.1 update has popped up and its close, next Friday March 26. This date is a little better sounding as compared to last week when according to a leaked internal memo was expected to be available in the “coming weeks.” Of course, as we mentioned in regards to the “coming weeks” time frame, there is still nothing official about March 26, and should be considered just a rumor at this point.

But that said, the information of this new release date is coming courtesy of a few individuals who claim to have spoken with and been told of the release by Sprint employees.

“I kept on asking about the firmware release and they finally released a date for the 2.1 firmware. He stated and confirm that this update will come on 03/26/2010.”

“Called sprint to find out when 2.1 update was coming. After being transfered several times I ended up talking to a sprint HTC hero tech specialist. He said it will be released end of March and can be downloaded at or over the air by accessing the firmware update feature on your hero.”

Personally it sounds too easy, but that is just the skeptic in me speaking. I guess we will find out for sure next Monday, that is, unless we find yet another rumored availability date before that happens.

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