Android News releases lesser version of At Bat app for Android

March 4, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Apps releases lesser version of At Bat app for Android has released the Android version of its popular baseball app, though it’s lacking the headline feature of live video footage. While the iPhone version of the app features live footage of games, the Android version of At Bat has only live audio streams.

Hardcore baseball fans will still get a kick out of At Bat 2010. The $14.99 provides audio streams for home and away teams, box scores, Gameday pitch-by-pitch updates, score lines, and in-game video highlight reels of key plays. The real-time features also include tracking the standings of each division.

The beta version of was released last year deep into the playoffs as a test run. The 2010 version includes news from spring training. The app supports Android 1.5 and higher, but 2.0 or higher is recommended for the best performance of live audio streaming.