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F-Secure Mobile Security now has a version for Android (1.6 only)

March 1, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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F-Secure Mobile Security now has a version for Android (1.6 only)

The company F-Secure, “the leader in protecting mobile devices” announced their mobile security offering for Android. F-Secure has had some success on Symbian and Windows Mobile, and because of the growing Android market share they decided to offer their software for the OS. According to F-Secure’s Patrik Sallner, F-Secure has been in the mobile device protection game for about 10 years.

F-Secure offers the user the ability to remote-lock, remote theft-control, and remote wipe their device. One can remote lock their device by sending an SMS to the phone that will activate the background service that is already running. Theft control is a function that is activated when the SIM on the device is changed. Once changed the device locks and no longer can be used. The user can also wipe all of the data from their phone as last resort. There is also browsing protection with the full version of the Mobile Security Suite that protects users from risky websites that spread malware.

F-Secure does cost some money; it is € 19.95 (~$27) for 12 months on one phone, or € 29.95 (~$40.50) for 24 months on one phone. These prices are half off right now; they are regularly € 39.95 (~$54) and € 59.95 (~$81) respectively. After looking at the site there does not seem to be any support for 2.0 devices (says nothing about 2.1 devices which seems to be overlooked); only 1.6 right now.

Though F-Secure seems like some handy software, the lack of not supporting newer Android devices and the price seem to drive me away. If you are trying to create mobile security software for Android, it may be hard to beat Wavesecure that supports all versions of Android and has the price of free.

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