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Dell Aero fails to impress in hands-on video

March 29, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Dell Aero fails to impress in hands-on video

I’m not the type of person to dismiss a phone on first impressions, but the Dell Aero isn’t making easy to stick to that belief. Dell didn’t show off the phone at CTIA, and that was for good reason based on the hands-on time that Engadget managed to get with the device.

While the Aero reportedly feels “very, very sleek” and “surprisingly light compared to a Nexus One or Droid,” the Aero reportedly has a poor keyboard, comes stocked with AT&T bloatware, and seems to have more in common with a feature phone than a smart phone. The home/back button have also been merged in a way that is very annoying.

The Aero doesn’t have any of the proprietary Google apps, including the Android Market, which leads me to believe that the device hasn’t gotten Google certification yet (in order to use Google’s apps or the Market, your device must be approved by Google). We already know that AT&T is going to lockdown this device, but they’ve got to at least improve on what’s currently being called a “Failphone” by so many of our readers. Right?