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China Unicom kicks Google off its Android phones

March 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


China Unicom kicks Google off its Android phones

The first casualty of the Google-China spat is Google. After Google’s refusal to self-censor its search results despite the government’s insistence that it comply with Chinese law requiring censorship, China Unicom has said it will drop Google as the search product on its Android products.

The Google-free Google OS smartphone is the result of Google’s tension with the Chinese government. After a series of hacking attempts that Google believes were linked to the govermnent, the search engine stopped censoring its results. Earlier this week, Google then announced that it would be rerouting search queries from mainland China to Hong Kong as a way to comply with Chinese law without giving in to the government’s censorship demands.

China Unicom is a government-owned corporation, so Google stepping on toes in Beijin was bound to lead to trouble. Unicom president Lu Yimin made the company’s intentions clear when it said, “We are willing to work with any company that abides by Chinese law…we don’t have any co-operation with Google currently.” Expect to see the same thing happen on China Mobile’s Android phones. So much for Google becoming a force in the world’s largest mobile market.

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